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One aspect of our research deals with the use of enzymes for the synthesis of chiral synthons as precursors to molecules of biological importance. Enzyme-catalyzed reactions provide us the opportunity for high levels of structural control because appropriate selection of right enzyme allows us to control the regio-, chemo- and stereoselectivity of certain chemical reactions that are difficult or impossible to achieve by way of conventional chemical synthesis. In addition, these reactions occur under mild conditions, hence functionally sensitive molecules can be manipulated under ambient or near ambient conditions and in many cases targeted reactions may be realized without the need for necessary protection/ deprotection steps. In the synthesis of imperanene, a natural anticoagulant, the enzyme PS-30 (from Psuedomonas cepecia) was used in converting a prochiral 1,3-diol into a highly enantiomerically enriched chiral intermediary toward the total synthesis of the desired compound.

Dr. Jason Carr, Ph.D.

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